High level discussion program on 'Sustainable Development and Safe Journey is My Right' concluded in Nepalgunj

A high level discussion program on 'Sustainable Development and Safe Journey is My Right' was held in Nepalgunj, a major city of Lumbini province today.


The program, organized by the Information and Human Rights Research Center, was attended by more than 80 people from different regions, including ministers, parliamentarians of Lumbini province, newly elected mayor of Nepalgunj sub-metropolitan city and chief district officer of Banke. On the occasion, Lumbini Forest and Environment Minister Surendra Hamalatha and State Assembly members Krishna KC and IP Kharel expressed their commitment for the formulation and implementation of laws and regulations required for road safety at the state level.


On the occasion, Chief District Officer of Banke Surya Bahadur Khatri, Mayor of Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolis Prashant Bista, Board Member of National Sports Council Sumitra Chaudhary, Orthopedic Surgeon Prakash Bahadur Thapa, Himal Shah on behalf of Traffic Police, Regional Chief of National Human Rights Commission Jhankar Rawal, Shukrarishi Chaulagain on behalf of Federation of Nepali Journalists. Vinod Karna, UML leader Bhim Oli and others presented their views. Through this program, the basic campaign of safe roads and transportation for sustainable development of the region has been approved in principle. FIA World Council Member Govinda Bhattarai made a presentation on the national and international context of road safety.


Discussions have also been held in the program for public transport management, road safety, rescue, treatment and rehabilitation and integrated efforts in Lumbini and Karnali. Participants also shared their views on safety helmets for motorcycle cycling, road safety councils and consumer and human rights issues. Coordinated by Biswajit Tiwari, Chairperson of the Information and Human Rights Research Center. At the event, FIA helmets were distributed to raise awareness about symbolic safety helmets, and a global commitment letter on road safety was signed by all guests and participants.