AIP Foundation and NASA Foundation together for Road safety in Nepal

AIP Foundation and NASA Foundation together for Road safety in Nepal

Nepal Automobiles’ Association (NASA) is working in the field of Motor/ Motorcycling sports , Automobile mobility, Drive tourism and Road safety in Nepal since 10 years. NASA is the member of Federation Internationale de’ Automobile (FIA) and Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM). NASA is initiating Second National Road safety Conference and Motorcycling safety Campaign in Nepal in 2018.

Similarly, Asian Injury Prevention Foundation (AIP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing road injuries and fatalities established in 1999 in Vietnam.API Foundation is working in different nations in the world for promoting Head injuries prevention and Motorcycling safety.AIP is also the member of FIA and has been awarded for  Road safety many times.

In connection to that ,Founder & President of AIP Foundation, Mr Grieg Craft visited Nepal for  various Road safety meetings last week. During his visit ,Mr. Craft had also joined the Meeting with senior politician who are also involved in road safety campaign in Nepal and NASA Officials.

Meeting was held in presence of Hon. Yogesh Bhattarai (MP and Secretary of UML), Er. Ganesh Shah(Former Minister of Nepal) , MR. Pitambar Timsina (Former VP,National Sports Council) including Er. Ashish Gajurel (Road safety Coordinator of NASA) and Senior NASA Officials on 20th Jan,2018.

 As NASA and AIP Foundation share a common motive , international involvement towards Road safety , both organizations showed positive attitude towards working collaborately in coming future. Meeting also agreed to start the motorcycling safety campaign in Nepal and in South Aisa.

However, NASA Foundation is working in Road, Automobile, Road safety and Society on behalf of NASA since 3 years.