NASA Women Commission details

Women Bikers Group

2nd Women Bikers Championship Rally 2010

The number of women bikers is increasing rapidly in the present context of Nepal. The interest on education and personal empowerment is changing. Today, energetic and creative women are attracted in motoring, touring and adventures. Only the thing is that they need proper support, cooperation and guidelines. By considering the above things, on Ashwin, 2066 NASA-Women Bikers Group is formed in the chairpersonship of Ms. Rojlin Rana. This is the first bikers group of NASA. This also aimed to generate successful national and international player through public identification.

The present officials of this group are as follows:

  • Nisa Kansakar –Coordinator
  • Renuka Sitaula –Secretery
  • Reena Bindukar – Treasurer
  • Rachana Lama -  Member
  • Romi Bajracharya –Member
  • Riha Sharma  – Member
  • Anita Shrestha –Member
  • Ranjana Shrestha – Member
  • Chameli Lama – Member