NASA - Adventure Bikers Group

Different groups are being formed as per the program of NASA’s General Assembly. NASA-Adventure Motor Bikers Group is the outcome of group efforts of courageous and creative youth having in presentation of motor bike riding skill. NASA believes that this group will be able to spread the message of road safety and traffic on the mind of general bike riders. This group is also aware in domestic and foreign tourism promotion through youth efforts. The public interest on bike stunt shown on Baisakh 1st 2067 has shown the bright future of this group.

The members of this group are:

  • Numchha Rai   -Coordinator
  • Tchhiring P. Thakuri –Vice-Coordinator
  • Subash Khadha  – Secretary
  • Arun Lama – Treasurer
  • Rabin Prajapati – Member
  • Subindra Manandhar –Member
  • Jackson Ghale –Member
  • Rajkumar Suwal –Member
  • Rajesh Ranjit –Member