Message from the President




Dashrath Risal

President,  Nepal Automobile Sports Association


If “Motoring” is made a means, then developed Nepal is not so far from us.

“Is Motor sporting possible in a developing country like Nepal?”



This question was the hottest topic when the concept of NASA was coined. I take it my responsibility to thank and felicitate all the concerned people who gave their immense contribution and support to us in bringing our organization from the zero stage to this stage.

We are in the phase of developing a well facilitated game of Automobile which was previously introduced in Nepal by carrying in the shoulders of hundreds of people. Further, I feel proud to stand in front in such a stage in which we are in a situation to make this sport a well managed, organized, professional, competitive and interesting.

Automobile was previously a means of social, economic and cultural unity, now the responsibility of making as an adventurous and tourism promoting game has been added. We are hopeful that Automobile Industry can fulfill this current need. We can predict its bright future through the craze and fame of Motor Sports in the whole world. Today Motor Sports is the combination of strength and creativity. Most of the countries of the world is making a means of tourism promotion. Analyzing this we can come to this conclusion that Motor Sporting is going to be the most adventurous, competitive, interesting, popular and important game in the near decade. Our performance, output and future will depend upon our capability to track the speed of Motor Sporting of the whole world.

We can be proud of our diverse country Nepal which is comprised of different geographical features i.e. Terai region, Hilly Region and the Himalayan region. Developed Nepal is impossible if we are capable of developing this game as a means to explore, study, research, interchange & identify our civilization and culture with the rest of the world. I would like to inform you that we had promised to develop Motor Sports as an adventurous and tourism promoting game in Nepal when we registered NASA as 70th number in National Sports Council. Though late, Motoring has been introduced in Nepal. We are in the movement of making it organizational. For this movement we would like to request Nepal Government, all the automobile related organizations, Tourism industry, National Sports Council to coordinate with us in the days ahead and promise that NASA is always there for the coordination.