Bullet Club Of NASA

Motoring and touring are the two sides of a same coin and bullet bike is their common dream. Yes, the composition of these three is NASA- Bullet Club. Today energetic youth have high expectation of bullet bike and different tour. In the same way bullet riders have concern and interest on cooperation, social service, cultural exchange and tourism promotion. NASA- Bullet Club is the organizational structure of good composition of these all attraction, interest, publicity, dream and cooperation.

The members of this club are as follows:

  • Prakash Limbu –Coordinator
  • Dr. Sashi Shah  – Vice-coordinator
  • Niranjan Lama  -Secretary
  • Pawan Raj Shakya –Treasurer
  • Suraj Khanal –Member
  • Kiran Pandey –Member
  • Sange Lama  -Member
  • Sushil Tuladhar – Member
  • Binod Limbu – Member
  • Pujen Nakarmi – Member